Market-led User-owned ICT4Ag Enabled Information Service (MUIIS)

MUIIS project

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Benjamin Kwasi Addom, PhD Programme Manager, MUIIS Agro Business Park 2 Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Mrs. Carol Kyazze Kakooza
Project Manager, MUIIS African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) Plot 22A Nakasero Road, P.O. Box 34624 Kampala, Uganda.

MUIIS is an innovative project that uses the power of information and communication technologies and big data to support agricultural productivity in Uganda. It aims to establish a demand-driven, market-led, and userowned extension and advisory service, using satellite based information services for: weather forecasting and alerts, crop management and agronomic tips and financial services – including index-based insurance to crop farmers in Uganda.

While the partners within the consortium drive the project from the start, the farmer organisations are expected to own the project and provide services to their members, with agreed upon revenue sharing models with other consortium partners.

Target user group

Bundled information products are expected to reach over 350,000 maize, soy bean and sesame farmers in Central, Eastern, Northern, and Western Uganda. Beneficiary farmers will be mobilised through the Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE), Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA) and AGRA’s Farmer Organisations Support Centre in Africa (FOSCA).

Business proposition

The main distribution channel for the information products is Ensibuuko’s Mobile Banking and Information Software (MOBIS), in collaboration with Mercy Corps. This will eventually be complemented with E-Granary platform that is being developed and managed by EAFF in Kenya. The platforms will be supported by about 200 ground agents (farmer leaders) equipped with smartphones.

Revenue streams will include subscriptions by groups (via farmer organisations), third party international development partners, and individual farmers. Revenue will also be generated from farmer profiling, sale of data products, surveys and data collection, advertisement, quantity discount; premium finance and index-based insurance.

Expected Results

The MUIIS project is expected to lead to:

  • Over 25% increase in crop yield;
  • Over 10% increase in effective use of agri-inputs and water;
  • Over 10% decrease in risk of using agri-inputs
  • Over 20% increase in farmers income
  • Increased trade and/or investment activities by agri-input dealers, service providers, etc.
  • Enhanced socio-economic conditions, literacy, and gender issues among disadvantaged advocacy groups in the target regions.


Lead partner:

  • Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (ACP-EU CTA) (Netherlands)


  • aWhere Inc. (USA)
  • EARS Earth Environment Monitoring (EARS-E2M) (Netherlands)
  • Mercy Corps (Uganda)
  • The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) (Kenya)
  • The Eastern Africa Farmers’ Federation (EAFF) (Kenya)
  • The eLEAF Competence Center (eLEAF) (Netherlands)

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This project is funded by The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and being implemented through the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility of the Netherlands Space Office (NSO).